The importance of creating memories in a child life

The time that a child thinks and acts like a child doesn't last very long, especially in todays society. In the blink of an eye our beautiful innocent kids are grown and we feel they don't need us quite the same.

This is why we need to go out of our way to create these beautiful memories of fun, happiness, laughter, togetherness and security. We all know days, weeks and months just fly by. Kids wont remember each and every day but they will definitely remember the important days. Moments during Birthdays, vacations, group outings, family trips and family gatherings are usually remembered. Kids remember this because its extraordinary.

I urge parents to please, go out of your way to create these beautiful memories. Society is so busy pulling the attention of ourselves and our family in a million different directions. Lets just stop and enjoy the moment. Take the time to plan out weekends, have movie night once a week, make dinner with the family - as a family, discuss events from the day, speak of inspirations, but mostly create these special unforgettable moments.

Creating these memories, especially at Birthdays and family events can be overwhelming. So go ahead, hire some help. Entertainers create these beautiful moments for a living. My suggestion, take lots of photos! Time really does fly by when everyone is having fun.