Free-Hand Henna / Mehndi Art

Henna is great for Birthdays and Sweet 16's (and 21st's, 30th's, 40th's, 50th's, and 60th's!) Henna is the perfect addition for a birthday party. Something different, a little exotic... 

Henna stains the skin and the design will last between 7-20 days. Our Henna is all natural.

What is Henna?

Henna is a plant that grows in warm dry regions such as Northern Africa, Northwest India, and the Middle East. The plant produces a red/brown dye in its leaves. The dye loves to stick to protein making it a great dye for hair, skin and even nails.

How does Henna Work?

The dried leaves of the henna plant are ground into a fine powder. Then the powder is mixed with a slightly acidic liquid such as lemon juice or strong black tea. This breaks down the plant matter and sets the dye molecule free. Certain essential oils such as cajeput, eucalyptus, or lavender are added to dissolve the dye. Sugar is sometimes added to help the paste be more flexible when dry and to stick better to skin.

This paste is then applied to skin and over several hours the dye in that paste is absorbed into the surface layers of skin, and attaches its self to keratin in the skin. When the paste is removed the design remains beneath. At first the henna pattern is an orange color, but matures to a color about like chocolate over a day or two. The exact shades depends on the location on the body and the skin tone.

These designs do not wash off, but will fade over time, as the surface layer of skin slowly wears away and is replaced by fresh, unstained cells.

Is Henna Safe?

Natural, pure henna is safe for almost everyone, but as a person with very sensitive skin myself, I want to make certain that all our clients have every bit of information available!

Occasionally people may be sensitive to natural henna. The symptoms are mild itching and redness. The symptoms disappear as soon as the henna paste is removed from the skin.

Other people could have an allergy to other ingredients in the mix. Our paste contains henna powder, lemon juice, sugar, and cajepute essential oil. Some people have skin that is sensitive to citrus juices. In the most extreme cases of citrus sensitivity, people may experience itching and welting in the area. This is very rare. If you have this allergy you would have experienced discomfort of the lips and mouth after having citrus juices or fruits. 

We are avilable to be booked for Anniversaries, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Banquets, Birthday Parties, Children's Birthday Parties, Celebrations, Christenings, Christmas Parties, Church Services, Clubs, Community Events, Conventions, Corporate Functions, Dinner Dances, Festivals, Fund Raisers, Graduation Parties, Picnic, Private Parties, Proms, Restaurants, Reunions, Sweet 16 Parties, Weddings, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Cocktail Hours, Wedding Receptions...and more.


Thank You and Have Fun!